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Our Mission

Off-Market Consultants is the first virtual, tech-enabled real estate brokerage, specializing in locating and representing rural, country, small town, and vacation based properties through a group of never before seen, highly desirable, search attributes to help buyers locate their ideal property. The mission of the brokerage and our technology arm is to expedite the listing, search, and matching stages of the real estate process. Through the introduction of a “next generation off-market rural search” and listing marketplace, known as Luxmatch, buyers and real estate professionals alike will be able to use hyper-local data-driven metrics, 3D interactive tools, and geospatial technologies to save significant amounts of time, money and frustration to locate their ideal property, often by months to years. Off-market luxury and large land tract sellers will have personal privacy and anonymity, while the properties exact location, price, and days on market will be protected until a buyer is properly vetted. Allowing to protect the true days on market will protect the perceived value of the property, as the average days on market for luxury estates and land in rural, second home markets in over two years.

This, in turn, will create a virtually untapped marketplace of luxury rural real estate and land sales. As the technology is introduced, he rural marketplace will grow exponentially, thereby expanding the 2.5%-3% of on market properties that would have continually frustrated buyers, sellers and real estate professionals alike, to one that may be able to capture 10% or more of the entire market. Luxmatch is the future of real estate search and the beginning of a new marketplace.

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