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A New Frontier For Rural Lifestyle Search and Estate Privacy!

Off-Market Consultants is the first tech-enabled real estate brokerage to focus on addressing the unique needs of luxury buyers and sellers in upstate New York, to respectively expedite buyer search with the introduction of tens of new search attributes to locate their ideal property, as well as delivering varying marketing opportunities to luxury sellers.  Using as our geospatial, data-driven technology partner, our goal is to provide the largest inventory of properties, and connect buyers and sellers as fast as possible, through a flexible seller marketing program, and an unprecedented, locationally relevant, buyer client search platform. A proper hyper local search tool, combined with a lack of inventory has always been an issue in upstate New York, delaying or completely stonewalling buyers, a frustrating situation, knowing well that many sellers might be interested in monetizing, but do not want to promote their properties fully on-market.

Off-Market Consultants is the first brokerage to offer this unprecedented search and matching technology, leveraging the power of Luxmatch. If you would like to learn more as a seller, buyer, or agent, please contact us at