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Our Mission

Our mission at Off-Market Consultants, a new high-tech virtual real estate brokerage in upstate New York, and Luxmatch, the newest real estate search technology to hit the market, is to help increase the amount of properties that are available for sale, significantly increasing the amount of options luxury buyers have when they are searching for their ideal property, as well as offering the most effective search and listing technologies to our agents to help sell more real estate.  Our technologies are being developed to solve many of the difficult issues buyers, sellers, and agents face when they are actively involved in searching, buying, or selling real estate.

Sellers will be able to list their property conventionally, listing “on market” with their property exposed throughout the most powerful online mediums, as well as “off-market”, a new concept that will allow luxury sellers to actively list their property, but will have the desired privacy that does not exist listing “On market.”  The property will only be exposed through Luxmatch, the technology that allows buyers to search properties by highly defined features. Some of the benefits of listing off-market include not being exposed to the negative effects of

LuxMatch offers exactly what is requested of sellers who value their privacy, and find it difficult to price their one-of-a-kind special property. This often jeopardizing the time on market and starts an indelible, irreversible online timestamp. Here are some of the benefits listing off-market using the Luxmatch technology:

● Protects the true “Days on Market,” a metric that often hurts the perceived value of high valued properties.
● Buyers often leverage (DOM) against you. Luxmatch allows you to explore pricing without ramifications.
● For the first time ever, sellers can preserve their PRIVACY and receive effective EXPOSURE, simultaneously.
● Buyers can search through 25 NEW, property features that allow them to locate their ideal property quicker. This unique search allows Luxmatch to match buyers to your property without it being solicited online.
● The opportunity to quietly market your property without friends, family, neighbors, and the world knowing.

Luxmatch also has the power to expedite the search process for buyers, allowing them to search by never before seen search criteria not just for on-market properties, but all properties.  Once a match is located, the property owner is immediately contacted to see if they are interested in selling.

Luxmatch is truly an agent and brokerage tool that will help agents cultivate new sellers, buyers, and referrals, by using the power of Luxmatch.  The Luxmatch technology has gone to great lengths to help agents better represent their sellers and buyers, helping them close more deals.

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