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Off-Market Consultants is currently the exclusive licensee of the Luxmatch technology.

The power of Luxmatch’s unprecedented search engine allows real estate professionals to once again become the gatekeepers of data, helping buyers locate their ideal property within minutes, not months.

50+ New Search Data Fields

Geospatial Tools

Discreet Off-Market
Search and Match

Disrupting search

  • Privacy Analysis
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Internet/Telecom Data
  • Noise and Sound Information
  • Neighbor Analysis
  • Distance to Amenities
  • Water & Terrain Features
  • Location/Spatial Analysis
  • Proximities Analysis
  • Additional New Search Parameters

Location, location, location!

We spent a year developing powerful toolsets so real estate professionals can once again be a step ahead of the major portals and help find and procure their buyer’s ideal property.

Connect with off-market owners

Approximately 98% of all properties are not currently on the open market. Luxmatch’s advanced matching algorithms make it simple to find and connect with these property owners, increasing real estate professionals’ bottom line.

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